Midnight Juggernauts - The Crystal Axis

Featuring 12 tracks sparkling with a new kind of kaleidoscopic warped pop, including the band's first single ’This New Technology’, and now 'Vital Signs', The Crystal Axis is a 50-minute symphony of synth-rock invention. Veering from percussive, hypnotic grooves to luxuriant jams, walls of sound, and 70's AM melodic forks, The Crystal Axis, the Australian band's sophomore release, is available as a limited edition 7-track bonus disc from May 28th on Siberia Records via Inertia. Never ones to curb their creative endeavors, the boys are offering fans for a limited time only the chance to get their hands on a special edition Siberia/Acephale records 12” gatefold vinyl – only 1000 will be available worldwide this summer via www.midnightjuggernauts.com from May 28th. The band are also proud to announce a new deluxe Crystal Axis package featuring an exclusive t-shirt designed by Jake Rolfe, along with a tote bag and badge designed by Midnight Juggernauts themselves.

Tracklist CD1 (Crystal Axis):
01. Induco (1:59)
02. Vital Signs (5:23)
03. Lifeblood Flow (4:35)
04. This New Technology (4:17)
05. Lara Versus The Savage Pack (4:53)
06. The Great Beyond (5:48)
07. Cannibal Freeway (4:54)
08. Virago (3:29)
09. Winds Of Fortune (3:08)
10. Dynasty (4:57)
11. Lemuria (1:15)
12. Fade To Red (6:11)

Tracklist CD2 (The Surplus Maximus EP):
01. Fantastic Valleys (2:04)
02. Battlescars (5:29)
03. Virago Reprise (Windy Night) (0:15)
04. Get Connected (5:14)
05. Lara Versus The Savage Pack (Demo) (5:12)
06. Vital Signs (Tame Impala Cover) (5:18)
07. This New Technology (Emperor Machine Remix) (8:42)