The Chemical Brothers - Further (2010)

'Further' is the seventh studio album from electronic production duo The Chemical Brothers. Each of the eight tracks on the album has a corresponding film clip, created by Adam Smith and Marcus Lyal, and designed specifically to match each song. Unlike most of the Chemical Brothers' previous output, this release does not feature any vocal collaborations. 'Further' contains the singles 'Escape Velocity' and 'Swoon'.

The Chemical Brothers - Further (2010)
mp3 quality : 320kbps
Release Date: June 22, 2010

01. Snow (5:07)
02. Escape Velocity (11:57)
03. Another World (5:41)
04. Dissolve (6:22)
05. Horse Power (5:51)
06. Swoon (6:05)
07. K+D+B (5:40)
08. Wonders Of The Deep (5:13)