Teledysk(ex Orchid) & Infadels New Single!

Teledysk (ex Orchid) was founded in September 2005, in Poznan - a city in a mid way between Warsaw and Berlin.Their music goes easy with the rockandroll. It is mostly simple, melodic, sometimes schmaltzy. It meets the electronics, but not very modern, rather vintage.
At the winter-spring of 06/07 they recorded, produced and released their first EP "Takk!_soundsampler. On 6th April 2009 they release their debut LP Album "Driving with a hand brake on" available in music stores across Poland.

Teledysk - Call to The Past (download link)
Teledysk - I Like It (donwload link)


Infadels' new single from their forthcoming album 'The Future of the Gravity Boy'.
(C) Infadels 2010

Infadels - We Are Ghosts (download link)