Inspired Flight - We All Want To Fly

Inspired Flight are two cats who are making some solid, solid music out of San Diego right now. They mix different kinds of music, from hip-hop to dub reggae to indie, in one very musically inclined mass. They rip all kinds of different instruments from computers to keyboard to guitars and melodicas too.From the Beatles to the Gorillaz, Miles Davis to Gang Star,and Pink Floyd to Radiohead.You must definitely listen to this album!

01. Its The Chemicals Ft. Scarub (6:32)
02. It Always Takes (4:08)
03. Pull Push Let Go Ft. Eligh (4:03)
04. I Wont Let You Down (4:50)
05. Wishy Washy (3:25)
06. Jackies Song (5:34)
07. Before Im Done Ft. Rugged Monk (5:18)
08. Peace Of Mind Through The Hardest Truths (4:41)
09. An Ocean Of Great Whites Ft. Eligh (3:26)
10. Eight Words (5:31)
11. We All Want To Fly Ft. Inspectah Deck (7:05)
12. It Always Takes (Dense Foliage Remix) (3:19)